Max Gooding Watercolors

About the Artist

Max Gooding was born in Naples, Florida in 1988. He spent the first thirteen years of his life there. “I can’t remember when I started drawing. It was always in my life; it seems to me that there was no starting point.” He had also lived in Melbourne, Palm Bay, and Lake Placid Florida, before graduating high school.

          After graduating from Lake Placid High School in 2007, Max moved to Sebring, attending South Florida Community College. It was there where Max met Cathy Futral and Mollie Doctrow, both of whom were instrumental in accelerating his art career. Max has traveled across the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and England, sketching all along the way. Copies of two of the sketches done in London are now on display in the Hard Rock Café of London. Upon returning to the US Max began creating a body of work for an art show in Tallahassee. In a period of three months Max created over thirty watercolor paintings. Commissions flew in after the November Tallahassee show and now Max’s work can be seen in Naples, Sebring, Jacksonville, London and New York, as well as in private collections through out the country. Gooding has worked with such respected artists as Janet King, Phil Fisher, Jim Rice, Don Kah and Alice Hansen.

          "The goal of my work is to convey a feeling of relaxation and harmony through my use of color and composition. My relaxed style makes for fun and bold paintings."

            In 2009, Gooding moved to Gainesville, Florida to study Landscape Architecture at The University of Florida. A demand for his ink sketches along with a new environment has allowed him continue production during his studies. Acclaimed Interior Designer, Dorry Christy has called Max Gooding, “…a young artist who shows the promise of becoming one of tomorrow's most sought after watercolorists.” He was also recently featured in May of 2010’s issue of Art Calendar Magazine. Max still attends the University of Florida while living and working in Gainesville, FL.

Venice, Italy                           Paris, France


London, England                              New York